Clinic dr. Pel

Multidisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of medical services for children and adults.



Facts about the company

Facts and figures about the company BSS.

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Our clients

The company BSS carries out complex deliveries of medicine to hospitals and pharmacies throughout the Russia. Each of our clients is the value of the company.

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Pharmacy "Aloe"

Russian pharmacy chain "Aloe" is part of company BSS. 

  • Президент компании
    Expert opinion:

    "In every man sleeps a knowledge of his destiny. You only need to Wake up! "

    Eduard Zakhrabekov
  • Генеральный директор
    Expert opinion:

    “We are continuously expanding our business, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles. The key to our success is Consistency. Quality. Reliability.”

    Alexander Karachun
  • Директор по развитию
    Expert opinion:

    “Individual approach to each client and the ability to negotiate - these are the components in the successful development of the company.”

    Victor Sazhin
    Development Director