Pharmacy "Aloe"

Federal pharmacy network "Aloe" traces its history back to 2014 and now has 135 pharmacies. Initially the company was developed in the framework of the North-Western region, but later expanded the boundaries of its presence. Today pharmacy "Aloe" are available in dozens of Russian cities, the total number of employees exceeded 400. A separate project network - historic pharmacy doctor Pel, located on Vasilievsky island.

The business concept of "Aloe" is the prevention of disease and promotion of health of citizens.

The quality standards of the network "Aloe":

I High level of service in each pharmacy

The company strives to offer its customers the same high level of service in every pharmacy "Aloe", regardless of its size and location. For this purpose the company has developed customer service standards, pharmacists regularly attend corporate trainings and professional certifications.

II Advanced range of products for beauty and health

The range of products network pharmacies "Aloe" is more than 15 thousands of medicines and health products. Special attention is paid to preparations to maintain health and care for themselves. Our approach is prevention is better than cure. Better daily care than radical methods of treatment.

III Low prices in every pharmacy "Aloe"

We can offer our customers attractive prices because:
•"Aloe" is part of the company BSS;
•have distribution centers with its own warehouses in 10 cities of Russia;
•optimize the logistics and administrative costs for all transit of goods;
•work with professional management team on pricing.


Service online: 8(800) 550-13-07

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