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The company BSS was established in 1996with the aim of providing the populationof the Russian Federation, high quality medicines.

Since inception and until today, the company is committed all aspects of activities to implement the core mission – promoting the prosperity of a healthy society of Russia, by providing people with high quality medicines. The implementation of this mission is to supply high-quality medicines, promotion of modern standards of treatment and promoting of healthy lifestyle.

For two years, was established contactswith domestic andforeign manufacturers,the company increasedthe capacity, extended range.

In 1997 the company entersthe mass marketwith the launch of twopharmacies.

Since 1998 the company BSS annually participates in the supply of medicines for privileged categories of citizens of the city of St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, areas and other regions of Russia. In connection with the increase in the number of partners and range, in 1999 the company opened a new warehouse corresponding to the international standards GMP.

By 2001 signed major contracts with foreign companies:"Berlin-Chemie" and "Novo-Nordisk". Annual sales amounted to 8.2 million $, the number of pharmacies has increased to 10, the range was more than 3000 items. Over the next few years the company qualitatively improved and by 2004 sales volume BSS was 35 million USD,which is 100 percent more than in 2003. In 2005 managed to secure the achieved results, the sales volume since 2004 crossed all expectation sand projections. The company actively pursued a social policy, taking part in various charity events, promoting culture and sports, providing sponsorship support in the areas of:medical supplies for orphanages, hospitals, hospitals for invalids of war and labour.

By 2006 the company became an official partner of the Federal program for Additional pharmacological support in the Leningrad region, and since 2007 in the Leningrad and Pskov regions, the Republics of Karelia and Komi. In the same year signed an exclusive contract with the company "Johnson & Johnson" to distribute cosmetics under the brand "Roc".

By 2007, the company took the leading position on the pharmaceutical market of North-West region of Russia and is among Top 15 distributors in the whole of Russia. Opened 3 branches and seven representative offices in different Russian cities.

Today, in various departments, branches and regional representative offices of the company employs 1500 people, the product range is more than 8000 items, is open 135 pharmacies, our fleet of over 100 vehicles, a lot of open branches and representative offices in the major cities of the Russia. More than 5,000 customers throughout Russia. In their number now includes more than 1,400 pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, "Pharmacies", Ministries and Committees on health of Russia.

The main, in the opinion of clients and partners, the company BSS are: stability in the development of, reputation of a reliable business partner, social responsibility, high professionalism of employees, the European style of leadership with the use of modern management systems and technology supply, the fight against counterfeit products, fair competition, the excellent quality of work.