Социальная политика

More than 19 years BSS takes active partin charity events,promotes the development of culture, sports andpublic health.

Svirstroy orphanage

Svirstroy orphanage is in the village of Svirstroy, 250 km from the city of St. Petersburg.There live children-orphans and children left without parental care. In 2014, the Svirstroy orphanage celebrated its 63rd birthday.The main task of employeesof the orphanage is to prepare children for independent life in modern society.After leaving the children's home all pupils go to study invocational educational institutions, where they receive a profession. Each of ushas the need to make something use ful and good for those whodesperately need it. Everyone is willing to share hiswarmthand feels the pain for those who are disadvantaged.

Employees BSS bring the boys the most basic things: bobby pins, deodorant,shower gels, shampoos. These household appliances are not provided in ensuring children, but it is hard to imagine without them even a day in the life of modern man! With the help of funds, selected personally by the President of the company, in the orphanage were installed windows, replace the old ones, purchasedare necessary for vital children's homeappliancesand computers. Together we were able to make the livesof abandoned childrena modicum happier, and thus changed the worldfor the better!