The company BSS - exclusive distributor of cosmetic products from the best international and domestic manufacturers. The direction of "aesthetic medicine" every year is gaining momentum. To stay healthy and well-groomed at any age is already a trend of our time. The beauty industry has become more intensive and effective than it was just ten years ago. Beauty salons, medical centers and clinics, and physicians in private practice offer their customers dozens of procedures to maintain an attractive appearance.
We supply a wide range cosmetic products at very attractive prices. Our product portfolio such products as:

  • Dysport (Ipsen)
  • Relatox (Microgen)
  • Filorga (Ipsen)
  • Collost (Nearmedic)
  • Emla (AstraZeneca)


•licensedproductsfrom the best manufacturers;
•attractive prices
•flexible payment system;
•a system of discountsfor regular customers.