The main taskof transport logisticsour companyis to organizefast and qualitativedeliveryof orders to customers.

The taskof the warehouse complexis ensuring the shipmentof products of the guaranteed qualityaccording to customer's orderwithin the timeandin the rangespecified in the applications. Only throughclearcommunication andhigh professionalism of employees, wecan provide high-quality service to our customers.

Functions of the Department:

Route planning(city, region,region).

Requestsforbookingcargo tanks.

Filling out the application for insurance.Upon the occurrence of insured events,preparation of acts.

Makingof claims and litigationrelating to insurance claims.

The introductionof new transport andlogisticstechnologies.

Optimization of the processof delivery andforwardingof cargo.Prioritise shipments.

Optimization of transportexpensesonsending.

Sending and receivinggoods in transport campaigns, rail transport,air transport, road transport.

Receipt of goodsfrom suppliersdispatch of refundsto suppliers.

Marketing researchesof the transport market.

Keeping primaryaccounting documentation.

Continuous progress, searchfor new innovative solutions aimed at expanding services andimprovingservice quality,creating the most favorable conditionsfor partnersand individual approachto each client andthe ability to negotiate- these are the componentsin the successful developmentof the company.