Wholesale company "BSS"

representative offices

Pharmaceutical distributor "BSS" offers manufacturers a whole range of services for selling medicines and medical products in the Russian Federation.

An extensive branch network.
To the services of our suppliers there are own warehouse complexes in 13 largest cities of the country.

Own car park.
In our arsenal there are several dozens of vehicles.

Wide customer base.
In our customer base are thousands of pharmacies and the largest pharmacy chains.

Marketing support.
We offer not only sales of goods on the ground, but also have powerful marketing tools for promoting products in our own pharmacy chain "Aloe".

Leading company.
Co­operating with "BSS" - you get a reliable partner in our person. Today our company is the largest supplier of pharmaceutical products in the North-West region, which is trusted by the largest domestic and foreign manufacturers of medicines and medical products.

Distribution of cosmetology products

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The company "BSS" the exclusive distributor of cosmetology preparations from the best world and domestic manufacturers.

The direction "aesthetic medicine" every year only grows. Staying healthy and well-groomed at any age is already a trend of our time. The beauty industry today has become more knowledge-intensive and effective than it was just ten years ago. Beauty salons, medical centers and clinics, as well as private practice doctors offer their clients dozens of procedures to maintain an attractive appearance. We supply a wide range of cosmetology products at very attractive prices.

Our branches operate in 11 cities of Russia: Kaliningrad, Moscow, Kazan, Orenburg, Bryansk, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan, Simferopol, Ekaterinburg, Kostroma, St. Petersburg (head office). The company also has about 77 territorial sales offices.

Also, on the basis of "BSS-Cosmetology" on a regular basis, seminars and master classes are held on the entire line of drugs available for sale. Schedule the seminars check with our managers.

By purchasing cosmetology medications from "BSS" you get:

  • licensed products from the best manufacturers;
  • attractive prices
  • flexible payment system;
  • system of discounts for regular customers;
  • the opportunity to receive training from leading cosmetologists.

Distribution of implants

The idea of ​​BSS-Aesthetics is to provide aesthetic surgery clinics and plastic surgeons with a portfolio of products that best suits their needs and provides freedom of choice without being tied to a specific brand. The portfolio is based on: silicone implants; biological implant; surgical instruments; suture material, as well as silicone plasters and Tonus Elast hospital jersey. This portfolio will be supplemented. In the future, it is planned to expand the starting range of devices for liposuction and lipoconstruction, etc. Sales are carried out throughout the Russian Federation.

Retail network of pharmacy "Aloe"

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The federal pharmacy network "Aloe", has its history from 2014 and now has 275 pharmacies. Initially, the network developed within the North-West region, but later expanded the boundaries of its presence. Today, the pharmacy "Aloe" is represented in dozens of Russian cities, and the total number of employees has exceeded 750 people. A separate project of the network is the historical pharmacy of Dr. Pel, located on the Vasilievsky Island.
The business concept of the federal pharmacy network "Aloe" is the prevention of diseases and the strengthening of the health of citizens.

Quality standards for the Aloe network:

I High level of service in each pharmacy
The company strives to offer its customers the same high level of service in each pharmacy "Aloe", regardless of its size and location. To this end, the company develops standards of customer service, pharmacists regularly undergo corporate training and professional certification.

II An expanded range of products to maintain beauty and health
In the portfolio of goods of the network of pharmacies "Aloe" is more than 15 thousand medicines and medical products. Particular attention is paid to drugs to maintain health and care for themselves. Our approach is better prevention than treatment. Better everyday care - than radical interventions.

III Low prices regardless of the region of the presence of the pharmacy "Aloe"
AS "Aloe" predalaget attractive prices to its customers, because:

  • We are a member of the pharmaceutical distributor "BSS";
  • We have distribution centers with own warehouses in 12 cities of Russia;
  • We optimize logistics and administrative costs along the entire route of the goods;
  • We work with a professional team of pricing managers.

Production of essential oils tm "Aspera"

natural oils
more than

The company "Aspera PC" since 2006 specializes in the production of 100% natural essential and cosmetic oils. The products are intended for skin care of the face, body, and also for the prevention and restoration of health with the help of aroma-inhalations. Quality of products is confirmed by certificates of conformity of the State Standard of Russia. The production capacity of the plant is 500 thousand bottles (vials volume 5 and 10 ml);

Natural oils at the best price
Natural products intended for the care of the skin of the face, body, as well as for the prevention and restoration of health with the help of aromainhalations;

Working with leading suppliers
Deliveries of raw materials from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Madagascar and others;

Team of professionals
Experienced team of manufacturers working in the market of essential oils for more than 10 years;

Broad brand representation
Products brand Asperi presented in the largest pharmacy networks of the Russian Federation.

Medical center "Doctor Pel's clinic"

types of services
Located in the historical centers

Doctor Pel's Clinic

People constantly face various diseases. And when there is a question about treatment, the patient has a lot of questions. For example, these are:

The accuracy of the diagnosis. "Can an expert determine the cause of my ailment?"

Correctness and timeliness of treatment. "Do I really need such treatment and in such amount? Will it help me? "

The cost. "How much will it cost me?"

Based on these questions, you can search for a medical center on several parameters, which include the clinic's fame, reputation, average check for services. And, of course, in the first place people try to turn to where they responsibly concern their work and patients.

This particular clinic is the private medical center of Dr. Pel. Here you will find the correct diagnosis, professional treatment and follow-up preventive measures, both for children and adults.

You can get to the specialists in the center of medical services by pre-registering. This helps to completely eliminate the queues under the cabinets. Many people go to a doctor often associated with a certain discomfort, because in such situations it is necessary to talk about their often purely personal problems to an absolutely unfamiliar person. Pel's Medical Center in St. Petersburg considers one of the main values an individual attitude towards patients.

Among the staff of the clinic there are many specialists with a scientific degree. With the patients there are professors and doctors of science who know their work perfectly, as well as having many years of experience. In addition to services related to the treatment and prevention of diseases, you can get medical certificates and take medical examinations.

The medical center spends treatment on the modern upscale equipment.

Distribution of laboratory reagents and equipment

The BSS-Lab direction is aimed at the wholesale supply of reagents for laboratory research in the field of immunochemistry, biochemistry, hematology, hemostasis, urinalysis, as well as reagents and tools for microbiological laboratories, etc.

The audience for this project is both commercial clinics and state budgetary institutions.

The main suppliers - manufacturers of BSS-Lab are: Siemens, Sysmex, Abbott Laboratories, Roche Diagnostics, Becton Dickinson, Beckman Coulter, Inc, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Vector-Best.

Express delivery of goods "Master-post"

Master Post is a reliable partner in the Russian market for express delivery of goods and correspondence, operates on the basis of a postal license and provides a full range of logistics services and service solutions that meet modern international standards ISO 9001: 2015.

The professionalism of our employees and many years of experience working with leading Russian and foreign companies allow us to provide a high level of service throughout the Russian Federation in the B2B and B2C segments.