Medicines can be affordable and effective. BSS Group of Companies celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary!

Medicines can be affordable and effective. BSS Group of Companies celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary!

Today the company “BSS” is a modern and steadily developing company. Since the opening, representatives of the Russian business community have had the opportunity to use a range of services for the sale of a wide range of medicines and medical products, high-quality cosmetic products, express delivery of goods and correspondence, a high level of service in the B2B and B2C segments. How has “BSS” managed to grow from a small company into a large regional network and become one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry in 25 years?

Continuous development

The company “BSS” was founded in 1996 in St. Petersburg. At the beginning, a number of high-quality medicines were available to customers in the Edifarm pharmacy network, but later the number of drugs increased several hundred times. Major distribution contracts were signed with major manufacturers of medicines in Russia and the European Union, and therefore a new warehouse corresponding to international GMP standards was opened. In addition, the company has become an official partner of the federal program for additional drug provision for the privileged category of citizens.

Today “BSS” is represented in St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Vologda regions and other regions of Russia. In total, 13 branches and 77 representative offices have been opened, the assortment includes more than 8000 items, more than 2500 customers receive products from BSS daily. The company holds a leading position in the field of wholesale supplies of medicines and is among the TOP 10 distributors in Russia.

Goals and the guarantee of their achievement

“BSS” is constantly developing, new areas of work are emerging, innovations are being tested, and the company is gaining positive experience. However, stability in development, reputation of reliable business partners, high professionalism of employees and impeccable quality of work are still important indicators of the company's work.
From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the company strives to implement its main mission in all aspects of its activities — to promote the formation of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve the goal, “BSS” adheres to an open information policy inside and outside the company, strives for a constant dialogue with representatives of business and the public, and follows a strategy to increase productivity in work processes.
The company pays attention to social responsibility. For more than 20 years, “BSS” has been a participant in charity events and promotes the development of culture and sports, supports various organizations and provides sponsorship, supplying medicines for orphanages, hospitals and hospitals for war and labor invalids. In addition, it takes an active part in the implementation of important medical and social programs, including “Diabetes Mellitus”, “Oncology”, “Psychiatry”, “Tuberculosis” and “Safe motherhood and Childhood”.

Investing in the health of the nation
“BSS” strives to satisfy the needs of citizens and business as much as possible. In total, the company provides services in 22 areas. For example, residents of Russia can purchase products from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers in the chain of pharmacies “Aloe”: medicines, dietary supplements, medical supplies, homeopathic remedies, medical cosmetics and diagnostic products; seek quality medical care in the family clinic “Dr. Pel”.
One of the important activities of the company is the work of multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment centers “BSS Vet”. Every day veterinary clinics are contacted to solve serious issues related to animal health in the field of ophthalmology, dentistry, cardiology, urology, gynecology and surgery. Our own veterinary laboratory allows us to make an accurate diagnosis in a short time for their successful treatment.
Since 2006 “BSS” specializes in the production of essential and cosmetic oils of “ASPERA”. The brand's products are presented in the largest Russian pharmacy chains and are intended for skin care of the face and body, prevention and restoration of health with the help of aroma inhalations.

In addition, the company distributes cosmetic products and laboratory reagents. Last year the company launched the development of the “BSS-Aesthetics” direction. This direction gives clinics of aesthetic, reconstructive medicine and plastic surgeons throughout the country access to a portfolio of products without reference to a specific brand.

What's next?

Nowadays, the company works on the optimization and modernization of working and technical processes, builds and updates the strategy for the development of existing areas.

In the future, “BSS” will be able to offer new investment solutions in the field of medical research and development of new generation drugs.