The children's doctor tells why she participates in the competition “Our favorite doctor”

Petersburgers have chosen the best children's doctors. The annual, tenth in a row, contest “Our favorite doctor” was finished. 2.5 thousand specialists applied for the title.
According to the results of the voting, which was attended by 22 thousand citizens, 20 winners were determined. The socially significant competition was also supported by the business — the pharmacy chain “Aloe” has been the general partner for more than a year.
The doctor named Artem Mukhin entered the top ten of the most beloved pediatricians. Hundreds of Petersburgers voted for him and left laudatory reviews.
“My patient was a child with cerebral palsy. When I came on the first day, I already heard that there were wheezes in the lungs and suspected pneumonia, then it turned out to be COVID. We hospitalized the child on time and then returned home with a significant improvement in his health condition. His mother decided to write a whole story about it, and it really hooked me,” — said pediatrician Artem Mukhin.

Ksenia Badelina became the winner among specialist doctors. She is a urologist-andrologist. Ksenia has been treating the youngest patients for more than six years. She adores children for their kindness and honesty: “They always tell where it hurts, answer all questions. I am very glad to be recognized by the patients.” Ksenia considers the contest “Our favorite doctor” to be very important: “Feedback is very necessary, because it helps to bypass or minimize the percentage of possible medical burnout. Because if you don't hear “thank you” in response at the reception, or there is no feedback. So it seems that you are working in vain, and, of course, it wastes your strength.” 
The social importance of the competition is obvious for business as well. The network of pharmacies “Aloe” has been supporting the project for the third year.
“Our pharmacy chain supports many different social projects and this project is, in our opinion, one of the most important, because it is necessary to thank the doctors. The profession of a doctor, especially a pediatrician, — is a vocation. But very often doctors go unnoticed, despite the fact that they do incredibly difficult work,” — said Dmitry Kuzov, commercial director of the pharmacy chain “Aloe”.
Another program in which Aloe pharmacies participate is the “Social Children's Card”. It allows you to buy goods for a child at a specially discounted price. In addition, free baby food is provided in pharmacies on the recommendation of the polyclinic. Not only parents will be able to appreciate the advantages of the pharmacy chain.
“The Aloe pharmacy chain is part of the BSS holding, which has its own warehouse of medicines, due to this we maintain low prices and wide range in our pharmacies,” — Dmitry Kuzov added.
In the coming year, the pharmacy chain is waiting for a large-scale expansion. More than one and a half hundred pharmacies will open in “Lenta” hypermarkets across the country.

The report was prepared by the correspondent of the St. Petersburg TV channel Dmitry Tarasov.

Photo and video: TV channel “Saint Petersburg”.