“Aloe” pharmacy chain will open more than a hundred pharmacies in Lenta hypermarkets

The federal pharmacy chain “Aloe” plans to open more than 165 pharmacies in Lenta hypermarkets. According to the estimates of the chain, cooperation will increase its revenue almost twice.

More than 165 pharmacies of the Aloe chain will appear in “Lenta” hypermarkets. Pharmacies ranging from 15 to 110 sq. m. m will be located in the checkout area. This is stated in the press release of the pharmacy chain received by the Russian medical journal “Pharm Vestnik”.

The first pharmacies will open in hypermarkets of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in the third quarter of 2021. In the future, the geography of the placement will cover 85 cities. Now there are more than 300 pharmacies in the chain.

The representatives of pharmacies “Aloe” are confident that cooperation will significantly increase revenue. “Of course, this is an important stage in the development of the pharmacy chain. According to our estimates, such a step will increase revenue by almost 2 times due to stable traffic inside hypermarkets,” – said Dmitry Kuzov, Commercial Director of Aloe.

According to AlphaRM, in the first half of 2021, the turnover of the pharmacy chain “Aloe” amounted to 5 billion rubles. In the TOP 300 ranking, the chain has risen from 27th place in 2020 to 21st place in 2021.

As in other pharmacies “Aloe” customers will be offered promotions and the opportunity to order rare medicines. It will also be possible to pick up online orders at the new points.
Earlier, “Pharm Vestnik” wrote about another major cooperation between “Aloe” and “Rosneft”. In June they launched in pilot mode the service of road pharmacies “Pharmacy auto” on the basis of gas stations in St. Petersburg.

The report was prepared by the correspondent of the “Pharm Vestnik" Ruslan Mavlikhanov.